Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My New Office

About 2 weeks ago I had to move into my new office, which is now for approximately one year the "Home of CSEARCH".

Step (at least virtually) by and enjoy !


Your comments are welcome !


Begesford said...

Univ Vienna certainly know how to treat their reseachers.

This is more Guantanamo than Guantanamo Bay. Your director of reseach isn't called Bush by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Incredible, it looks like 1948 not 2008!

Is this because all the money is spent for Gugging?

Wolfgang Robien said...

My postal address is still:

University of Vienna / Department of Chemistry / Institute of Organic Chemistry / Währingerstr. 38 / A-1090 Vienna, Austria

For colleagues from other countries:

Gugging was formerly a Psychiatric Clinic specialized in "art therapy" to reintegrate clients into society. Now the buildings are used for the new "University of Excellence" (Institute of Science and Technology Austria = I.S.T. Austria - the proposed name was AIST in the beginning, but this name was already in use :-))


Anonymous said...

Frei nach Arik Brauers "Wadlbeisser-Serenade"

..... Des is nämlich unsa Trick, vestehst ? Je mehr ma se martert, die Herrn Forscher, umso bessa wearns !

Anonymous said...

This seems to be a particular incarnation of a "world-class" university, namely "third-world-class".
My sincere condolescence!

Anonymous said...

I recommend to invite some VIPs and famous artist to admire the wonderful paintings (Psychedelic Art ?) on the wall. Perhaps they may get a new kind of a tremendous inspiration after visiting your office.
Which cross-culturel person is responsible for this new picture gallery ?

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